PredictWind Daily Briefing Release

The PredictWind meteorological & development team has been working hard to make a concise and easy to understand interpretation of their world leading forecast models.

For those wanting to get a quick forecast analysis from the experts, the team have developed code to process the data used in the forecast tables/graphs and summarise the forecast into a simple, “Daily Briefing”.

The day has been divided into 4 periods – Early, Morning, Afternoon and Evening – and then analysed for each period. The data is filtered and analysed to give you the most likely forecast.

Looking for trends in the forecast is often key to making good decisions. PredictWind CEO Jon Bilger commented “We wanted to help people make the best decisions based on the high quality data, now we are able to explain the forecast trends in a way that everyone can understand.”

There are certain circumstances where some meteorological knowledge needs to be applied to the data. For example if the rainfall is less than 0.4mm and the cloud cover is less than 50% it is likely to be “isolated showers”.

Bilger further commented. “Making everyone a weather expert may not happen, but we can certainly help get closer with the Daily Briefing. The car ride to sailing with the kids and talking about what to expect from the forecast should be more straight forward from now on.”

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