Laser Masters Worlds – Wrap

by Richard Crockett

After a very promising start to the event with a 1 & 2 in the opening races, Alan Keen had the hopes of all his sailing mates riding high as they wished him to overall victory. But his regatta chances evaporated after those opening races as he consistently placed 5th in most of the races thereafter – in fact five 5th place finishes in 11 races. However he was never far off a podium position, and finished 4th overall in the Great Grand Master division – an incredibly good position anyway.

In the Grand Masters where a keen tussle was expected between close sailing mates Lance Burger and Campbell Alexander, the rivalry ended after Alexander ‘retired hurt’ early in the regatta. This left Burger with little pressure on the water and time to simply enjoy his sailing. He ended 30th overall – which was about mid-fleet, and a good result due to the competitiveness of the fleet.

Why I have left Ken Holliday’s performance till last is maybe a travesty as sailing in the Legends division for those over the age of 75 years old, he did not disgrace himself. I continue to be in awe of Holliday, and those like him, who can endure a whole regatta at their age in a small dinghy as uncomfortable as a Laser!

These guys compete in these Masters events as often as possible as besides the sailing they have forged great friendships amongst the fleet and enjoy the camaraderie of the event and those who sail it. Over 300 ‘Masters’ sailors cannot be wrong.

Overall Results

Standard Great Grand Master
4 Alan Keen 2; 1; 6; 7; 5; 5; 5; 6; 5; 5; DNC

Standard Grand Master
30 Lance Burger 43; 36; 18; 28; 25; 25; 31; 31; 27; 31; DNC
Retired – Campbell Alexander

Radial 75+
11 Ken Holliday 11; DNC; 8; 7; 7; 7; 9; 7; 15; DNC; DNC; DNC