Laser Masters. Good Day For RSA

by Richard Crockett

With absolutely no news nor pictures of the racing from the organisers, it is very difficult to cover this event effectively.

From all accounts, and also from some WhatsApp banter, conditions have continued to be on the light side, yet the RSA contingent – well some of them anyway – managed to have a good day.

The best performance by far came from Lance Burger who rose 10 places in the overall standings after another 2 solid races. However his key rival in the Grand Masters division, Campbell Alexander dropped 5!

No doubt a very chuffed Burger is in his own quiet and inimitable way is rubbing in his success amongst his mates at every possible opportunity.

Alan Keen gained a single place overall in the Great Grand Masters, and is now in 5th overall. He’s in a tough group, but as a previous podium finisher, he knows exactly how tough the competition is and what has to be done to get onto the podium on the final day.

Standard Master (69 boats)
63 Henri Frencken

Standard Grand Master (68 boats)
30 Lance Burger
38 Campbell Alexander

Standard Great Grand Master (21 boats)
5 Alan Keen

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