Gori 3-Blade Prop

Gori propeller has introduced a new 3-blade single pitch folding propeller. The propeller is a further development of the award winning 3-blade Gori propeller with ‘Overdrive’ which was introduced to the market in 1994. The new single pitch 3-blade Gori propeller has all the features of the original 3-blade Gori propeller, just without the Overdrive.

1. It has the same low drag as the original 3-blade Gori propeller with Overdrive, just 1.4 Newton at 6 knots, which is the lowest drag of all 3-blade sailboat propellers, fixed, feathering and folding.
2. It operates the same pitch in forward and in reverse (The blades pivot 180 degrees), therefore it has the same thrust in forward and in reverse, giving superior stopping power and manoeuverability.
3. It does not auto rotate when folded, so no need for a shaft brake.

The design of the blades on the new single pitch 3-blade propeller differentiates from the original, having a new designed pitch eliminating the overdrive function.

The 3-blade single pitch Gori propeller is available for both shaft and saildrive, in LH and RH configuration, from 15” to 30” diameter with various pitches. The first series of the new propeller will be for saildrives only, then followed by propellers for shaft drives.

Info from Central Boating HERE

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