From the Sailing Mag Archives

Over the years I have published pics selected randomly from the archives, so while we all sit in lockdown, enjoy the pics I randomly post as and when, and feel free to comment and add to the info supplied here.

The shirts indicate that this dinghy is a 505 – and quite a heavy one by today’s standards! It was taken at the PYC Beachsite at Durban’s Vetchies Pier in about 1979 or ‘80 as one shirt says 1978 and the other 1980.

So who are these guys? The only reference is the word ‘French’ written on the back. Is that Adam French, and if so, which one is he?

In the background with his hands on his hips and smiling broadly is Ben Du Buisson who now lives in the USA.

Come on all you old 505 sailors, put those thinking caps on and lets have some names and details on these guys.

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