From the Archives – Sprog 700

pic from Dudley Thomson

by Richard Crockett

The Sprog class was once an evergreen and dynamic class which just seemed to provide top class dinghy sailing for many – until it suddenly died which was rather sad.

Yet despite its demise as an active sailing class there are many out there who remember the Sprog fondly, and who still, to this day, remember their Sprog days very clearly.

Dudley Thomson, who now sails from Benoni Yacht Club, sent me the accompanying 3 Sprog pics, and said:

“Thanks for all the hard work you guys do for Sailing. I was going through the Archives and saw some wonderful pics from the past on your website, and they are all great to read and view the old pics!!

“In the Sprog sections I saw my grandfathers (Brian Theunissen) Sprog ‘Smyturn’ in the winning list for the Gorps Guzzle/Sprog Nationals. The sail number was 700 and I still have the sails.

“These pics are from when my grandparents, and parents, sailed at ERYC (East Rand Yacht Club). Its closed unfortunately, but I sailed there with some other boats the other day. 98 years old this year… .

“I’ve got some other ERYC pics of the Fireball fleet if you like?”

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pic from Dudley Thomson

pic from Dudley Thomson