Sailing Books

Book Review. Boatowner’s Mechanical & Electric Manual (4th)

Boatowner’s Mechanical & Electric Manual (4th) by Nigel Calder published by Bloomsbury by Richard Crockett Ever since the first edition was published in 1990, this book has been regarded by many as the bible every boat owner should have, together with Calder’s book on Marine Diesel Engines. This 4th edition is a large tome running to a shade under 1000 pages – and is completely overhauled and updated, containing everything on how to maintain, repair and improve your boat’s essential ... Read More »

Review. The Art and Science of Sails

The Art and Science of Sails by Tom Whidden & Michael Levitt Published by North Sails Group Review by Brian Hancock The subject of sails and sailmaking can be quite complex, but in this terrific revised edition of ‘The Art and Science of Sails’ authors Tom Whidden and Michael Levitt have done a superb job distilling the complexities into a narrative that we can all understand. From the intricacies of how wind and water conspire to propel a boat forward ... Read More »