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Book Review. Knox-Johnston on Seamanship & Seafaring

Book Review Knox-Johnston on Seamanship & Seafaring by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston Published by Fernhurst Books Orders & Enquiries HERE It is fitting that this book has been published just days before the Falmouth Parade of Sail for Suhaili and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston on Sunday 14 June. On 14th June 1968 Robin Knox-Johnston set sail from Falmouth to take part in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race – the first, non-stop, single-handed sailing race around the world. He was an unknown ... Read More »

Book Review. Tactics to Win

Tactics to Win by Nick Craig Published by Fernhurst Books Orders & enquiries: Gold medallist Saskia Clark writes in the Foreword to this book: “Boatspeed is what most sailors concentrate on because, if you are faster than the other boats, you are going to win! However most top boats in a class go at pretty much the same speed, so sailing a shorter distance than your competitors, or in less disturbed wind or waves, are also vital ingredients to ... Read More »

Book Review. Exposed. The Dark Side of the America’s Cup.

Exposed. The Dark Side of the America’s Cup. By Alan Sefton and Larry Keating Published by Bloomsbury Orders & Enquiries from: There has always been a massive amount of intrigue as to the real inner workings of the America’s Cup and the authors of this book exposes much of that. Alan Sefton is a former yachting journalist and publisher who has been following and covering the America’s Cup since 1980. Larry Keating built a strong interest in America’s Cup ... Read More »

Book Review. Lost & Found

Sir John Franklin’s ‘Erebus’ and ‘Terror’ Expedition Lost & Found by Gillian Hutchinson Published by Bloomsbury For history buffs and those fascinated by the North-West Passage, this book has it all in terms of expeditions, history, intrigue, human endeavour and indeed the jubilation and revelations of wrecks being found almost 170 years later. The 1845 expedition to the Arctic, commanded by Sir John Franklin, was the largest, best-equipped expedition that Britain ever sent north – yet it ended in tragedy. ... Read More »

Book Review. Rogue Waves

Published by Bloomsbury Review by Richard Crockett I have for many years now I have firmly believed that the term Rogue Wave is far preferable to that of Freak Wave. It’s simply because Rogue Waves do exist, that we have to be aware of them, and that there is nothing ‘freaky’ about them. We now also have a pretty good idea as to how they are formed. To quote from the book: “To be a true rogue wave, a wave ... Read More »

Book Review. 200,000 Miles – A Life of Adventure

                                The author needs no introduction as he has, for decades now, produced the finest guides for cruisers, including ‘World Cruising Routes’, ‘World Cruising Destinations’ and ‘World Voyage Planner’. Cornell is not a man who sits back and writes about cruising. He gets ‘down and dirty’ and goes out and does it – hence the title of this book. With 200,000 nautical miles experience, he ... Read More »

Book Review. Marine Diesel Basics

Sub head. The First Visual Guide to Marine Diesel Systems Diesel engines are the single most problematic issue many boat owners face. Not because they have specified the incorrect engine, but simply as there are many aspects that can go wrong. And things do go wrong. This book describes issues in a very clear and simple manner, and shows one how things work, how to select, install, maintain & troubleshoot. Most “engine” trouble can be avoided by using quality components, ... Read More »

Yacht Were You Thinking?

An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad. By Jonathan Eyers review by Richard Crockett Boat names are something we all have different thoughts on. Some we love, some we hate and at others we simply shake our heads in despair as they are quite simply embarrassing. Good ones are very rare. One also needs to remember that a boat name could affect its resale value as some people are superstitious enough NOT to want to rename it. What I ... Read More »

Book Review. Voyaging with Kids

A guide to family life afloat. by Behan Gifford, Sarah Dawn Johnson & Michael Robertson review by Richard Crockett So many dreams of sailing the world are dashed because families cannot reconcile the matter of kids aboard. Hopefully this book will dispel that and turn dreams into realities. After all, heading out to sea with your children may be the most rewarding thing you do. The three authors have each voyaged thousands of miles with children aboard, so they provide ... Read More »

Book Review. The Laser Book (6th edition)

by Tim Davidson review by Richard Crockett The sub-head reads ‘Laser Sailing from Start to Finish’ – so this book covers EVERY aspect of Laser sailing. There are two important aspects about this book. Firstly it is bang up-to-date and covers the new Mk2 sail and top section mast, and secondly it has input from Jon Emmett who is a gold medal winning Laser Radial coach and world champion in his own right. There are three parts to the book: ... Read More »

Book Review. Chasing the Cup. 

My America’s Cup Journey by Jimmy Spithill, with Rob Mundle Review by Richard Crockett Born with physical disabilities, Spithill was bullied as a child at school, yet this made him even more determined to succeed in everything he did. Born into a poor family, he did not have the ‘nice’ things other kids had, but what he did get was a good grounding in having to overcome adversity – and an opportunity to learn to sail. At a very early ... Read More »

Book Review: The Cape Horner’s’ Club

by Adrian Flanagan Published by Bloomsbury Review by Richard Crockett Until I read this, I was unaware that there is an official Cape Horners Club – aptly named the International Association of Cape Horners (IACH). The association keeps a register of those who apply for membership – those who don’t do not feature. The reason for bringing this up front is that there are no South Africans on their register that I can see. A pity! Cape Horners are a ... Read More »

Book Review: The Rules in Practice 2017 – 2020

by Bryan Willis Published by Fernhurst Available from SAILING Books. Enquiries HERE As of 1 January 2017 the new RRS came into play in this country, so if you have any rule book other than the current one, throw it away as it is now useless to you! If you have not seen them, nor downloaded them, then maybe the book ‘The Rules in Practice’ by Bryan Willis is for you as it covers the changes from the old rules ... Read More »

Book Review. Boatowner’s Mechanical & Electric Manual (4th)

Boatowner’s Mechanical & Electric Manual (4th) by Nigel Calder published by Bloomsbury by Richard Crockett Ever since the first edition was published in 1990, this book has been regarded by many as the bible every boat owner should have, together with Calder’s book on Marine Diesel Engines. This 4th edition is a large tome running to a shade under 1000 pages – and is completely overhauled and updated, containing everything on how to maintain, repair and improve your boat’s essential ... Read More »

Review. The Art and Science of Sails

The Art and Science of Sails by Tom Whidden & Michael Levitt Published by North Sails Group Review by Brian Hancock The subject of sails and sailmaking can be quite complex, but in this terrific revised edition of ‘The Art and Science of Sails’ authors Tom Whidden and Michael Levitt have done a superb job distilling the complexities into a narrative that we can all understand. From the intricacies of how wind and water conspire to propel a boat forward ... Read More »