Product Reviews

Product Review: Sail Mates Protest Models

by Richard Crockett Protest models are something one is unlikely to get excited about, but the range from Sail Mates is really innovative – especially if one is only used to the ‘Elvstrom’ models that were neatly tucked into the Elvstrom Rule book in days of yore – and which are no longer available! These are well made with several options available. Over the years I have often had requests for protest models and have been unable to source any ... Read More »

Product News. Winch Seat

Tides, a Norwegian boat equipment provider, launched their first product, a winch seat, in 2015. The product named ‘WinchSeat’ is an innovative product raising the cockpit experience on sailboats. The seat has a peg which fits into the swivel hole on top of the winch, providing a new elevated sitting spot with great overview. The seat can be used when the winch is idle, typically during calm sailing or when the boat is docked. Depending on the number of winches ... Read More »

FLIR/Raymarine New Product Launches

by William Crockett Raymarine, owned by Flir Systems, Inc. recently launched their latest product offering to the world. This included some brand new, completely rethought Multi-Function Displays, a new suite of software, and for the first time, Thermal Imaging cameras by Flir Systems, which have price points that are affordable for the leisure marine industry. I was invited to Lake Maggiore, Italy to see these products in action and take them for a test drive. Axiom Multifunction Displays with RealVision ... Read More »