Cape to Rio race – Explora finishes

Explora has arrived in Rio with an elapsed time of 15 days 43 minutes 47 seconds. She is the 3rd boat to cross the finish line. Check out this link of images from Trevor Wilkins: Read More »

Cape to Rio race – day 16 results & position reports

Day_16_Monday_200800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_PRINT_WEB For images of Scarlet Runner finishing go to: Getting to Rio is proving to be a lot more difficult than some may have envisaged. Overnight Scarlet Runner crossed the line after a highly frustrating 24 hours of little to no wind.Her elapsed time was 15 Days, 5 Hours, 1 minute and 53 seconds, which puts her firmly in second spot overall. The light winds simply extrapolates to lower average speeds and shorter days runs. Despite her size Explora ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – day 13 results and position reports

Day_13_Friday_170800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_WEB It’s still light out there and probably very frustrating too as one has to really concentrate hard to get the moving well in light winds. Add the heat which always appears worse when its light, and there are likely to be some unhappy yachties in the middle of the South Atlantic. The only boat to have possibly escaped the light conditions is Scarlet Runner which managed a 24-hour run of 219nm at an average speed of 9.13 knots. With ... Read More »

ISAF – Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)

2014 Supplement To 2013-2016 Case Book Published The 2014 supplement to the 2013-2016 Case Book – Interpretations of the Racing Rules has been published on the ISAF website. The 2014 Supplement to the Case Book contains ten new cases that were approved at the ISAF Annual Conference in November 2013. Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Day 12 results and position reports

Day_12_Thursday_160800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_PRINT_EMAIL Todays reports show one thing very plainly and very simply – there has been little wind for the last 24 hours. Of the top 7 boats, Privateer has clocked up the most mileage of 204 nautical miles in 24 hours at an average speed of 8.5 knots. The slowest has been Yolo which covered just 85 miles. How frustrating for all these guys. This also interprets into one harsh reality check, and it’s simply this – none of the ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Rotary Scout Day 10 news

Day 10 – Tuesday 14 January. By Grant Chapman. The early morning watch gradually gained on what appeared to be a yacht off the port bow which we discovered was Mike and Sally Bowker on Jacaranda of Carrick when we finally caught up with them later in the morning. The Bowkers were sailing around the world double-handed in a Van der Stadt Madeira 44 and were including the Cape to Rio race in their 2 year circumnavigation itinerary. The wind ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Day 11 results and position reports

Day_11_Wednesday_140800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_PRINT_EMAIL We all really knew that Maserati would, bar any serious mishaps, take line honours in the Cape to Rio race. Few believed that she would break the record in such emphatic style though Her official elapsed time was 10 days; 11 hours; 29 minutes and 57 seconds. On the course there is still much to race for as the overall handicap honours are still up for grabs, although those wanting to win this race will have to buck up ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Maserati Takes Line Honours

Maserati finished at around 02h00 GMT this morning with an unofficial time of just under 10 days and 12 hours. The official elapsed time has still to be issued. She sailed a great race and will now have a long wait to see whether she can get the double by adding overall handicap honours to her achievement as well.   Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Rotary Scout Day 9 news

Day 9 – Monday Evening 13 January. By Grant Chapman. We decided to hoist the big purple spinnaker when the wind was a constant 10knots from behind but not giving enough attention to detail and ensuring that the genoa was tightly hauled in first we made a horrible mess of the whole procedure and managed to tangle the spinnaker around the front halyard and genoa. We hadn’t managed to get the anti-wrap device up before hoisting the spinnaker and the ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Sun setting on Maserati’s Race

Maserati and Giovanni Soldini continue to lead fleet 180 miles off Rio de Janeiro Arrival forecast for morning of January 15th Well within Cape2Rio record time Exactly 10 days after casting off from Cape Town (SA) at precisely 12h00 GMT on January 14th, Maserati is making a speed of 16 knots 180 miles from Rio de Janeiro and the finish-line of the Cape2Rio Yacht Race. The current record for the longest race between two continents in the southern hemisphere (3,300 ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Day 10 results and positions

Day_10_Tuesday__140800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_PRINT_EMAIL All eyes are on Maserati as she should power into Rio soon – and if she does she will not just break the record, but will smash it. The last 60 to 100 nautical miles is always light and exceptionally testing, although this is unlikely to affect her record chances significantly. Soldidni has sailed a great race and positioned his trusty steed really well all race. Of interest is the fact that the entire fleet in now west of ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Maserati will finish within 24 Hours

Maserati is just 500 miles out of Rio de Janeiro Arriving in Rio on evening of January 14th or morning of 15th Maserati’s pace slowed overnight, but she continues to hold a solid lead and still has 500 miles to cover to get to Rio. Her nearest rivals are now lagging well behind: the Australian 52’ Scarlet Runner is a good 700 miles in her wake Explora is a further 50 miles back. “There was much less wind than forecast overnight,” ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Day 9 update from Rotary Scout

By Grant Chapman. Daybreak arrived a lot later this morning as we headed further west with the sunlight squeezing through small gaps in a leaden sky that was heavily overcast. With a constant 16knots breeze behind us we swopped the genoa for the heavier white spinnaker as so much cloud suggested that we could be in for a few squalls. We didn’t want to risk damaging the big purple bag further as it was already starting to fray at the ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – day 9 results and position reports

Day_09_Monday_130800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_PRINT_EMAIL It looks as if Maserati, with just 524 nautical miles to go to Rio, should easily break the race record of 12 days, 16 hours and 49 minutes set in 2000. But as said previously, the sea is a cruel place and anything can happen in these closing miles. The biggest obstacle they will face is the very light winds one always experiences heading in to Rio. The tussle for second across the line will be a few days ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – day 8 results & positions

day 8 reports As is expected Maserati continues to lead the fleet. Having been talking about distance sailed since the start, it’s now time to start making reference to distance to the finish. Maserati is the only boat to have less than 1000 nautical miles to the finish – and to be accurate the figure is 815 nautical miles. Just 9 boats have not crossed the meridian into the west yet. In Class 1 there has been something of a ... Read More »