Cape to Rio race. Day 24 results and position reports

Day 24. Day 24 Tue 280800GMT Daily Position Report There are still 13 boats at sea with the next finisher likely to be Yolo, skippered by RCYC Commodore Dale Kushner. All boats have less than 800nm to go to finish with the boat furthest from Rio being Hot Ice. Some of these guys still have a loooong time left to finish! Read More »

Cape to Rio race. HQ2 has finished

Trevor Wilkins reports that he was mobilised at 02h00 to go and meet HQ2 – a 75-foot cat. It was a balmy morning with a gentle breeze and we met them about 4 miles off cruising in under full sails at about 5 knots – what a sight! The crew reported that they sailed through the first night storm with just a minuscule headsail and no main, doing about 22 knots in relative comfort. And yes, the growlers did break ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race. Amtec Wits and Nomad have now finished.

Nomad is the first cat to finish, with Juliana due in within a few hours Check out the album of pics from Trevor Wilkins as each of theses yachts finished. Elapsed times are still to be announced. Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Rotary Scout news from Day 21

Day 21 – Saturday 25 January. By Grant Chapman. The wind blew from the east for most of the morning, giving us a good start to the day with gusts up to 26 knots while we had the big bag up. We eventually took the bag down at lunch time when the wind became blustery and started coming from the north east, making the spinnaker uncontrollable, especially as we were running across the swell to maintain our position north of ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Mussulo has finished

  The Angolan entry Mussulo has an elapsed time of: 22days 11hrs 25mins 25secs Check out the Pics of her finishing here: Read More »

Hobie Longhaul – Durban to Richards Bay – Live NOW

The annual Hobie longhaul between Durban and Richards Bay started with the no-spinnaker cats leaving Vetchies Pier in Durban at 06h00. The spinnaker cats leave at 08h00 – about 15 minutes from now. It appears as if they have ideal conditions with about 15 knots from the SSW – and which may build during the day. There is talk of the course being shortened at the halfway mark if the wind gets up too strong. After almost 2 hours of ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – day 19 results & position reports

Copy_of_Day_20_Friday_240800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_WEB The closest boat to the finish is now Rocket/Stop Rhino Poaching with 426nm to go, followed by Investec Ciao Bella with 551 to go. At their average speeds they have another 2 and three days left to sail – assuming the wind doesn’t get any lighter than they are! With all the key positions now filled and confirmed, it’s really a case of those at sea having to accept the fact that they are now ‘also rans’ who are ... Read More »

Marine Industry Association of SA (MIASA) News

CEO’s MESSAGE by Vanessa Davidson We have started the year on a positive note, with in principal approval from the Department of Science and Technology to make funds available to the boating industry for innovation and R&D projects. R15M will be allocated over three years on an 80:20 cost sharing basis with industry putting in the twenty percent. I will be organising scoping workshops around the country to present the Sector Innovation Fund in the second quarter of the ... Read More »

Rotary Scout – who wants to sail back from Rio?

There is a place available on Rotary Scout for the return trip to Cape Town for anyone interested as 3 of the crew will be flying back from Rio, as originally intended, but only 2 will now be flying to Rio to join the boat. The departure from Rio will be on about the 3-4th of February and will be going via Il Grande, an island about half a day’s sailing from Rio where a night or two will be ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Rotary Scout News

By Grant Chapman. After a morning spent in iffy winds of no more than 8knots the afternoon proved more promising with winds gusting up to 15 knots during sporadic squalls. With each squall we also received a brief drenching as the heavens emptied bucketfuls of rain onto us. Judging when to start bearing off and manning the spinnaker sheet to depower the big purple bag became more of an art than a science with good timing providing us with some ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – day 19 results and position reports

  What a plucky performance from Iskareen Day_19_Thursday_230800GMT_Daily_Position_Report_WEB Images of Iskareen finishing: What a plucky performance from Iskareen to finish in 5th place across the line – especially in such a small and spartanly equipped boat below decks. Her elapsed time of 18 days, 14 hours, 8 mins, 25 secs is exceptional and shows she was driven hard all the way. Well done to them all as their place on the podium (3rd) is well deserved. The wind is ... Read More »

Cape to Rio Race – Iskareen finished slowly, very slowly…

Trevor Wilkins has sent this info, The “Tracker” indicated Iskareen about 17 Nm off the finish line…….. The sea was  flat calm  – not a whisper of wind……..the sun was sinking behind the Iconic mountains of Rio – no sign of Iskareen…..the chase boat went out and ultimately saw a tiny mast head light in the distant. It was Iskareen, the entry from Germany, Skippered by Christiane Diettmers, the only other lady on board is the extremely experienced Phillipa Hutton Squire from Cape Town – ... Read More »

Cape to Rio race – Iskareen finishes

One of the smallest yachts in the race, Iskareen, has finished – crossing the line in 5th spot. No further details or elapsed times are available yet, so will be posted later. Aboard was Phillippa Hutton-Squire – the first South African woman to skipper a boat around Cape Horn. Read More »