Volvo Ocean Race. Epic Wipeout Footage From the Southern Ocean

The Volvo Ocean Race sailors are experiencing the full impact of Mother Nature as they battle through the rough conditions of the Southern Ocean. As the Volvo Ocean Race fleet continue the 6,500 nautical mile leg from Cape Town to Melbourne the sailors are experiencing one of the most hostile environments the ocean has to offer. Thousands of miles from land, people and more importantly help – watch this incredible footage of the Turn the Tide on Plastic crew recover ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Duelling in the Southern Ocean

by Richard Crockett The last few days of racing in the Southern Ocean have been very interesting, especially the duel between MAPFRE and Dongfeng. It’s relentless yet ongoing and without any letup. The determination to win the leg simply keeps these two crews pushing boundaries – and it’s physically demanding too. Both teams have been zig-zagging along the southern boundary of the ice exclusion zone, which prompted Charles Caudrelier, skipper of Dongfeng to say: “During the next 30 hours we ... Read More »

Done and Dusted – New Record Set

by Brian Hancock I don’t think that I have enough superlatives in my already superlative soaked vocabulary to describe how amazing the new solo, nonstop circumnavigation record just set by French sailor François Gabart is. His immaculate performance is a feat that will, in my opinion be unmatched in a generation. Yes I know I said that last year when Thomas Coville set the record that Gabart has just obliterated, but this is beyond superhuman. François Gabart is, in my ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Feeling the Sting of the Southern Ocean

by Will Carson Steady winds from 25-35 knots with gusts of up to 50 knots have been a stark reminder that the Southern Ocean packs a punch… The Volvo Ocean Race teams were feeling the full strength of the Southern Ocean on Thursday as they were pummelled by winds gusting as high as 50 knots and surfing down mountainous waves. The deep low-pressure system that has been forming for the past few days has now engulfed the seven crews, forcing ... Read More »

SAS Youth Nationals. Day 4 & All to Play For

by Richard Crockett Today is the final day, and the day when all the final moves can be made, and overall results changed after either a good or bad performance on the water. In the Optimist fleet there is a titanic duel for first spot overall with the defending champion, Matt Ashwell, trailing Ian Walker in second spot by a mere 2 points after 2 discards. So racing today will be intense at the front of the pack as each ... Read More »

Youth Worlds. Calvin Gibbs Wins the Final Race

by Richard Crockett For some months now word out there has been that Calvin Gibbs has some very special sailing talent, and this was finally proven today when he won the final race of the Laser Youth Worlds in Sanya, China. His biggest disappointment must be his performance in the penultimate race where he finished 19th, as had he been just a single place higher he would have finished with the Bronze Medal, as his results show that he tied ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Thoughts From the Southern Ocean

by Richard Crockett The crew OBRs (On Board Reporters) and others occasionally send back short ‘snapshots’ of life aboard a Volvo Ocean Race boat in the Southern Ocean. Some are heartfelt, others pithy, and this one from Turn The Tie on Plastic downright fearsome. From onboard Turn the Tide on Plastic this morning: That moment where your whole world stops and your heart is in your mouth. The alarm sounds at the chart table, with bright red letters displaying SART ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Risk & Reward in the Southern Ocean

by Richard Crockett Few of us landlubbers know what it’s like to experience the tough conditions of the Southern Ocean. For some of the crew in the race this will be their first time, for others they will have done it before – some as many as 8 times! Despite the number of ‘Southern Ocean Badges of Honour’ they wear, each and every crew member has total respect for this inhospitable ocean. Yet it brings some delight in terms of ... Read More »

SAS Youth Nationals

For the ‘Capies’, being in KZN and at Midmar Dam where the scenery is green and the water more plentiful than that in their home drought-ravaged Province, must seem like being in paradise! And their sailing results show it too as the ‘Capies’ are at the top of most classes. The been wind has been blowing, and the races are being reeled off like clockwork, so come Friday there should well be some very happy sailors around. The Optimist fleet ... Read More »

Youth Worlds China. Gibbs in the Medal Hunt

by Richard Crockett The wind was up and down again yesterday in Sanya with cloud cover once again present across the racing area. An 8-12 knot breeze was present throughout the day with an increase when the sun broke through the clouds later on in the day. The conditions obviously suited Calvin Gibbs as he is currently sailing himself into medal contention, being 4th overall. Today (Wednesday) after the first race of the day he showed on the results sheet ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Interviews With Blair Tuke & Peter Burling

by Richard Crockett. I had the privilege of interviewing two great yachties who are amongst the hottest property in the sailing world minutes before they embarked on leg 3. Of course they are Blair Tuke and Peter Burling, Olympic Gold medalists in 2016, winners of the America’s Cup earlier this year, and now competing on different boats in the Volvo Ocean Race. Regrettably I had very little time with them and I had many more pressing questions to ask, but ... Read More »

Youth Worlds. Calvin Gibbs Off to A Flying Start

by Richard Crockett The Youth World Championships in Sanya, China have started, and although news is not easy to come back, there are some results available from the opening races today (Monday). Calvin Gibbs was off to a flying start with a 5th place in the first race, a really good opening race result. Regrettably his second race resulted in a 22nd which will hopefully be his discard as there are many races to come. While Benji Daniel and Rivaldo ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. The Southern Ocean Ahead

by Richard Crockett As an indication of things to come for the Volvo Ocean Race fleet, and a real time indication for the landlubbers in Cape Town, the famous ‘Cape Doctor’ did its thing on the weekend with steady 40 knots of winds on Saturday gusting up to 20 knots more. As a result the race village had to be closed for safety reasons. By Sunday the wind had moderated slightly getting the fleet off in winds of 25-plus knots. ... Read More »

A ‘Stroppy’ Sprog. Sprog No. 1 Being Restored

by Richard Crockett Like myself, there are others with a passion for preserving the history of our sport. Warwick Owen in Port Elizabeth is one, while Frans Loots on St Francis is another. Both the above in particular have an interest in preserving the first Sprog ever built. She is named ‘Stroppy’ and was languishing in the Bayworld museum in Port Elizabeth until Warwick Owen went in search of her – and a new home for her. Being more ‘tatty’ ... Read More »