World Sailing launches revolutionary eSailing World Championships

World Sailing, the world governing body, has moved into the world of eSports with the launch of the first virtual World Sailing Championships. In partnership with the leading digital sailing platform, Virtual Regatta, the eSailing World Championships will be held every year starting from 2018. The Virtual Regatta platform provides the perfect vehicle for the eSWC, with their established Inshore Regatta games. A new set of World Sailing regulations will be used to allow the sports Racing Rules of Sailing ... Read More »

Clipper Race. Spinnakers Emerge As Westerlies Fill in

The westerly winds that the Clipper Race fleet has been waiting for finally arrived for many of the teams as they pass the halfway mark of Race 3: The Dell Latitude Rugged Race to Fremantle, Australia. With under 2,400 nautical miles to go until Fremantle, Sanya Serenity Coast is in the lead. Having taken a more northerly route, the team has not yet found the right sailing conditions to hoist a spinnaker but Skipper Wendy Tuck reports: “For the first ... Read More »

New Leader Appointed for Volvo Ocean Race

by Richard Crockett When the Volvo Ocean Race appointed Mark Turner to take the helm of this tough ocean race, those who knew his reputation were excited as they knew BIG changes were on the cards. Sadly Turner pulled the plug on his tenure heading this race, but the announcement of Richard Brisius and Johan Salén, appointed as President and co-President of the Volvo Ocean Race, is likely to be a good one. Former ‘Japie sailor’ Ant Spillebeen, has worked ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Back to business in the South Atlantic

With Monday’s Equator crossings already a fading memory for the Volvo Ocean Race crews, gone too is any respite, however brief, from the relentless action that’s characterising the second leg. Many sailors awoke on Tuesday sporting new haircuts or with the faint whiff of days-old food about them, or both. These were the only reminders of the momentary reprieve that came in the form of the traditional ceremonies to induct first timers into the court of King Neptune. However stomach-churning, ... Read More »

François Gabart Cracks 24-Hour Record

by Richard Crockett It’s ‘hot’ out there in the South Atlantic as the Volvo Ocean Race boats and the giant MACIF trimaran share the same waters – all with the same objective – that being to sail as fast as possible. The Volvo boats will soon be ‘turning the corner’ for Cape Town, and when they do we are likely to see some big performances and high-numbered days runs coming from them. However the Volvo sailors must be in awe ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Equator Now Conquered

By Richard Crockett Having been travelling for some days now with ‘iffy’ coms, I have been out of touch with the race, but am delighted to see that the fleet has crossed the equator and is heading for Cape Town. The pace will quicken significantly now, especially once they have been freed from the doldrums and pick up the trade winds again. While the Doldrums are often considered an area of no wind, in reality, it is more often an ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Clouds Bring Beauty But More Challenges

As temperatures rise and strong winds give way to localised storm activity on the approach to the Doldrums, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet is picking its way through the cloud systems, attempting to connect the dots, joining the wind pressure cells. It’s exhausting work for navigators and skippers in terms of decision-making, and for the crew moving the stack of sails on each gybe. At least some if not all of the teams have elected to ‘split the stack’, piling ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. It’s Been Wet, Wet Wet… !

The opening days of this first skirmish south towards Cape Town has been wet, tough and demanding for the Volvo Ocean Race boats and crew as the winds have been in excess of 30 knots most of the time. This series of pics shows just how fierce life in the Atlantic Ocean can be. The teams are dehydrated, exhausted and constantly wet. Slaves to the position reports that are delivered to the boats every 6 hours, each team, each sailor, ... Read More »

World Sailing Awards. Bouwmeester and Burling the Big Winners

  Marit Bouwmeester (NED) and Peter Burling (NZL) were the big winners at the inaugural World Sailing Awards in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as they were announced male and female 2017 Rolex World Sailor of the Year. Held at Patio Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the sport of sailing was celebrated in a star-studded evening that welcomed leading sailors and influencers. The 2017 World Sailing Awards also saw the presentation of the Beppe Croce Trophy and the President’s Development Award. ... Read More »

Point Yacht Club to Host Lipton Cup 2018

Sailing in Durban received the generous news from the Royal Cape Yacht Club, the victorious 2017 Lipton Cup winners, with the offer to host the prestigious event in warmer waters. In a letter presented to the Commodore of Point Yacht Club, Greg de Beyer, Commodore of the Royal Cape Yacht Club, Vitor Medina graciously offered the opportunity to host the respected event offshore of Durban mid-year in 2018. In Medina’s letter, he referred to the 2013 event sailed offshore of ... Read More »