Can Anyone Identify this Wreckage?

The pictures showing the wreckage of a yacht, probably at catamaran, were sent to me by John Titterton who had obtained them from a contact he has on St Helena Island.

This wreckage was discovered on the North Eastern side of St Helena island on Turks Cap Beach, and authorities are very keen to identify the type of boat, and even the name of it is at all possible.

There are no markings of any sort on the pieces found.

If you are able to shed any light on these pics, please send the information to:
John Titterton –

If you are aware of any vessel that may have been lost in recent years, please let John have that info too.

Please be responsible, and sensitive, in your response.

The pics have been made available by Ian Johnson/Sea Rescue Manager – St. Helena Island, who holds the copyright to them.

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