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PYC Easter Regatta & Hobie 16 Regionals

by Sophie Thompson The father and daughter team of Peter and Sarah-Ann Hall were crowned KZN champs this weekend at the Easter Regatta hosted by Point Yacht Club. The pair racing in the Hobie 16 Regionals notched up five wins, a second, a third and a fourth in the nine races held offshore of Durban over the three day regatta. Their one race discard was a ninth position in the first race on day two where they battled with a ... Read More »

Eden District Inter Schools Regatta

by Malcolm Osborne George Lakes Yacht Club hosted the 2018 S.A. Sailing Eden District Inter Schools Regatta at its Island Lake venue over the past weekend. It was well supported by nine High Schools and five primary schools, coming from Mossel Bay, Knysna and George. The High Schools fleet had 31 boats and the Primary Schools fleet had 16. On Saturday, there was just a very light, patchy breeze to get the fleets going for the first race. This then ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Vestas Dismasted & MAPFRE Injured!

By Richard Crockett The Easter weekend was anything but peaceful for the Volvo Ocean Race fleet, and in fact was drama filled. Vestas lost her mast, MAPFRE stopped just short of Cape Horn for repairs, and Brunel has been reeled in at the head of the fleet by Dongfeng. So while Brunel and Dongfeng go hammer and tongs at each other, the rest of the fleet plays catch-up as they have simply fallen off the back of the leaders in ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Brunel 1st to Cape Horn

by Richard Crockett This is the leg all crew have been waiting for, and which many armchair sailors dream about doing. The Southern Ocean holds a mysterious allure – as it is just that – mysterious. Yet it’s the toughest leg in the race by far, and so far the most dramatic – and regrettably tragic too. Earlier in the week John Fisher was lost overboard from Scallywag, and never found. Just west of Cape Horn MAPFRE suspended racing to ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. How John Fisher Was Lost Overboard

by Richard Crockett The questions many have been asking since John Fisher was lost overboard earlier in the week have now been answered by Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag. The important thing to remember here is that experienced sailors go to sea because they love it for many different reasons. More importantly experienced sailors will only sail with people they trust and know, and on boats they deem to be seaworthy and ‘fit for purpose’. And, accidents do happen at sea ... Read More »

ECDIS*: What Happens When the GPS Signal Goes Away?

* Electronic Chart Display and Information System This editorial from ‘The Maritime Executive’ was written by by Captain Richard Madden and should be of interest to all those who rely on GPS when going to sea. While common practice is to have multiple GPS units as backup if one fails, failure of the GPS system itself will require the need for alternative navigation – probably celestial navigation if out of sight of land. The U.S. Maritime Administration issued U.S. Maritime ... Read More »

Lost at sea in the Volvo Ocean Race

The Great Circle Sails blog is written by Brian Hancock who has a wealth of experience in major ocean races, including the Whitbread Race. His latest Blog airs his forthright views on the recent man overboard tragedy in the Volvo Ocean Race. Subscribe to his Blog, or see what else he writes HERE I will deal with the pleasantries first then get into the meat of the matter. I wish to extend my condolences to the family and friends of ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Man Overboard

by Richard Crockett This is a very sad day for our sport, the Volvo Ocean Race and of course the family of the missing sailor. The Volvo Ocean Race prides itself on the safety measures it puts in place to prevent accidents, plus it equips each and every crew with the latest in tried and tested safety gear in case of such an emergency. Below Are the Two Statements Released by the Volvo Ocean Race on this Incident So Far. ... Read More »

Point Nemo

On Sunday morning Brunel led the Volvo Ocean Race fleet past Point Nemo, the most remote spot on the world’s oceans. Point Nemo is nearly 1,400 nautical miles from the nearest land, meaning the closest people to the sailors, apart from their fellow competitors, are the astronauts on the International Space Station, some 220 nautical miles overhead. Here Are 8 Facts About Point Nemo by Jonno Turner The Volvo Ocean Race boats have raced past an iconic point – Point ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. It’s Tough Out There, Very Tough!

By Richard Crockett Since last posting info on the race on Friday morning, lots has been going on deep in the Southern Ocean, with damaged gear, lots of high wind gybes and more. The fleet has passed Point Nemo. What’s that you may ask? Or where exactly is that? All will be revealed in a separate post, suffice to say that it is defined as the place furthest from land in the world. Day 6 of this leg dawned with ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Bouncing Off the Ice Limit

The fleet continues its relentless charge east towards Cape Horn, all the while enjoying the best the Southern Ocean has to offer. The teams have been skirting the southern race course boundary and racing in strong but manageable winds in the 20-25 knot range which have allowed the crews to rack up 500 mile days. But that’s all about to change. As of this morning (Friday 06h00 UTC report), Dongfeng had taken the lead from MAPFRE, but with a mere ... Read More »

Cape Sportsboat Circuit Race

by Luke Scott The Cape 31 fleet dabbled with its first foray into Club Series racing, by entering the RCYC Summer Series. What’s in store for club sailing is very positive and exciting in that strong race officer and general race-management skills will be present on course in the form of the experienced and respected Doug Alison and his team. Every effort will be made to include and encourage new and young race officers, mark layers and bridge crew to ... Read More »

LTC Phoenix Admirals Regatta 2018

This is open to all dinghies, keelboats and small catamarans! The 2018 LTC Phoenix Admirals Regatta will be sailed in Hout Bay from 20-22 April and will incorporate Hout Bay Water Week with various water sports enjoying the picturesque playground that is Hout Bay – paddlers, nippers, SUPers and power boaters. This year, the LTC Phoenix Admirals Regatta promises to be a fantastic three days of sailing, with acclaimed South Africa Race Officer Doug Alison, running racing in all the ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Pointing at Cape Horn

Four days into Leg 7 of the Volvo Ocean Race, the teams have reached the Furious Fifties and made their turn to the east, pointing towards the famed Cape Horn. There has been little let-up for the seven teams as they continue to push ever deeper into the Southern Ocean. Vestas 11th Hour Racing posted the first 500-mile run of Leg 7 on Wednesday as the fleet charges towards the ice exclusion zone. Until now the race has been to ... Read More »

Volvo Ocean Race. Turn the Tide on Plastic Led the Dive South

Dee Caffari’s Turn the Tide on Plastic got an early jump on their Volvo Ocean Race rivals as Leg 7 from Auckland to Itajai entered its second day. Monday brought little let-up with winds hovering around 25 knots producing similar boat speeds as the teams charge deeper into the Southern Ocean on the 7,600-mile leg. An opening day lead for Dongfeng Race Team and MAPFRE was cut short when Turn the Tide on Plastic and Team AkzoNobel skirted round the ... Read More »