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NKA MOD Series

by Kathy Manten “Your face is your fortune” … This may come as a shock but we are not all as famous as we think we are. There are many boats that do not have skippers names, club names or any other info – please forward these details to me so I can update our records. By now, I am amazed at the confidence of the competing sailors. They are so certain that the bridge crews know exactly who they ... Read More »

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image of 2013

         A jury composed of specialists from the yacht racing and photographic industries chose Abner Kingman’s photograph taken during the 34th America’s Cup for the  Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2013. The delegates from the World Yacht Racing Forum chose Rick Tomlinson’s photograph for the ‘Public Award’. Gothenburg (SWE), December 11, 2013 – 82 professional photographers spanning nineteen countries took part in the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2013. US photographer Abner Kingman, based in San Francisco, won the main award ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 09

My apologies for the long delay since my last column. Deadlines have been particularly severe recently, and these coupled to the fact that I have been publishing an autobiography for an 87 year-old, have taken up all my time. The nation is in mourning following Nelson Mandela’s death. He brought us that precious commodity called freedom. I well remember ‘the dark days’ when our yachties we were banned from the Olympics and all international competition. In those days one had ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 08

Social Media You either love it or hate it – that’s the Social Media I am referring to. Whatever you may think of it, it’s well established, here to stay and part of everyday living – for some anyway. Unless you embrace it, you will miss the boat – and it’s one boat some people are very happy to miss, while others scramble to stay on. So, in wanting to keep up appearances, SAILING Mag has now embraced Facebook and ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 07

SAILING Acquires GybeSet SAILING Publications, the publishers of SAILING Magazine and the new “Talking Sailing” editorial column, have acquired the GybeSet sailing portal. GybeSet was the brainchild of two passionate sailors, Kirsten Veenstra and Ian MacRobert, who founded the portal at the beginning of 2011 because of their passion for sailing and a need for a sailing news site and portal in South Africa. GybeSet became South Africa’s ‘One-Stop News Site’ for sailing, covering and encompassing news for all classes ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing by Richard Crockett – issue 06

My apologies for the large break since the last “Talking Sailing”, but ill-health took its toll! The America’s Cup is over, and after saturation coverage in the last two issues of “talking Sailing” there is a short wrap-up to put the event to bed. The “Lost in Translation” piece last time resulted in some great responses. And most importantly the SAS Appeals Committee has given their verdict on 2 appeals regarding the J22 Nationals. So read on… J22 Jiggery Pokery ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 05

America’s Cup In the very first issue of “Talking Sailing” I was quite scathing about the build-up to the America’s Cup describing the racing as boring. I think it was then, but in the America’s Cup itself there was a massive transformation from boring to exciting. I quickly became addicted to watching each race and seeing those massive 72′ cats perform at their optimum as they lifted out of the water on their foils to reach staggering speeds at a ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 04 – America’s Cup Special

America’s Cup Special Tonight’s Race is a ‘must watch’! Who would have thought that the America’s Cup would go down to the wire in a ‘winner takes all final’ race as Oracle Team New Zealand (OTUSA) have clawed their way back from an impossible position of being 7 races down with Team New Zealand (ETNZ) needing just one win to secure overall victory and win the America’s Cup, to being tied going into the final? The Kiwis have lost 7 ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 03

The America’s Cup continues to be the ‘hot’ topic of conversation for all the wrong reasons, but for me, the most newsworthy item was the incredible results our local South African team chalked up in the SB20 World Championships last week. Thanks to all those people who have made the effort to send in comments about “Talking Sailing”. They are truly appreciated and very welcome. SB20 World Championships Yet another local bunch of sailors have hit the headlines with an ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 02

WOW! What a Positive Response The first issue of “Talking Sailing” really hit the spot as the positive response I have received has been overwhelming. Thank you to all those who responded so positively and enthusiastically, some even with possible topics and issues to address in the future. Some selected comments are included at the end. Local Sailors Rewarded & Acknowledged At an event, hosted by the Minister of Sports and Recreation Mr Fikile Mbalula, Deputy Minister Mr Gert Oosthuizen, ... Read More »

“Talking Sailing” by Richard Crockett – issue 01

“Talking Sailing” issue 01 by Richard Crockett The intention of ‘Talking Sailing” is to occasionally cover topical issues in the sport of sailing, however difficult they may be. So expect some hard-hitting editorials and even controversial observations and comments. But most importantly it will all be about sailing, so your feedback and items of interest are welcome via e-mail. “Talking Sailing” is sent via e-mail, as well as being a ‘blog’ on the Sailing Gybeset website ( To subscribe to ... Read More »