Maputo to Inhaca Adventure for Lasers

Maputo to Inhaca Adventure:  It is dangerous and it is an adventure!

19 to 22 June 2014

For an “adventure” there are no “rules”, only guidelines
–          Each skipper decides on whether or not to proceed
–          Personal floatation is compulsory
–          Each boat is to have cell phone communication
–          Each group of boats is to have a VHF
–          Recommended safety items
o   Anchor
o   Paddle
o   Pencil flares
o   Chart

–          Buddy system to be used (Buddies to be in close proximity to each other, including Rob Goulden)
–          Own provisioning for all legs
–          Own booking for accommodation in Maputo and Inhaca
–          Choice and payment for “gillies” at skipper discretion
–          Island “Landing Levy” – for own account
–          Weather and tidal information own responsibility
–          Traversing “Hells Gate” at own discretion

There are probably a whole lots of things to be added…

Information from:

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