Andersen Electric Winches

Date : 5 November

At the heart of the E1 winch is a high quality European engineered and manufactured series wound motor. Carefully matched with the optimal gearbox they deliver high speed at low load for fast sheeting in, and low speed at high load for safe, fine tuning when trimming. They are available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt models providing smooth and quiet operation across a wide working load range.
These winches have an unrivalled level of monitoring and protection as follows:

Integrated Overload Protection - The controller is pre-set to stop the winch if the Maximum Pull Load is exceeded. Operation can resume within a few seconds when the load returns below the limit.
Thermal Overload Protection – The motor is fitted with a thermal cutout that disables the motor in case of overheating; it automatically resets after the temperature returns to normal.
Reverse Polarity Protection – An integrated 5 Amp fuse protects the motor against incorrect cable connection.
Accidental Start Protection – Winch operation is disabled if the push button is already inadvertently pressed when the power supply is turned on at the circuit breaker or battery.
Low Voltage Detection - Operation is disabled if the battery charge level is low, which prevents further drain on batteries and avoids triggering low-voltage reset of navigation instruments and other electronic devices.
Continuous Run Time Limit– Operation is disabled if continuous run time exceeds 10 minutes.
The Andersen range now includes our new 34ST and 50ST models, both available in Full Stainless and Black Trim versions
Information from Falx Trading. Tel. 083 2999 775.

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