Vetus New Series Marine Diesel Engines

Date : 1 October

Vetus has launched a completely redesigned range of M-Line marine diesel engines!
The line up of redesigned M-Line marine diesel engines is impressive. With new features, modern appearance, and added benefits, the new M-Line range is designed to meet future market demand.
The heat build-up in engine spaces can easily reach temperatures of 70°. High ambient temperatures in the engine space can have negative effects on engine performance and installed equipment.
Vetus has developed an elegant yet efficient solution by fitting a water-cooled aluminium top cover. Located directly above the cylinder head, the huge cooling element absorbs radiant heat coming from the engine. This innovative concept results in a significant temperature reduction of up to 15° C - a 20% reduction!
The sturdy, aluminium top cover also reduces the noise level. When combined with the new air filter housing, tests show a sound reduction of about 5 dB(A) and ‘near silent’ operation at a cruising speed of around 2200 rpm. Those present at the test sites have all enthusiastically described the engine sound as being incredibly more pleasant to the ear.
Based on shared experience, the redesigned M-line incorporates many new features designed to make life easier for both the boat builder and the end user. Service parts such as fuses and relays; fuel filter and fuel connections; impeller; dipstick; and oil filter are all easily accessible. On all M4 engines the impeller is located at the front, for even easier access.
Importantly, the water-cooled top cover not only reduces engine room temperature, but is designed to be used as a step, making it easier to move around the engine.
Information from Vetus Maxwell South Africa. Tel. 021-552 4275.

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