10 Socio-Emotional Benefits of Sailing

There’s something about sailing that makes it quite unlike other sports. More than just skill and strategy, it teaches certain values that shape sailors into the unique athletes that they are.

Yet, we’re often so focussed on the physical aspects of sailing that we forget how much we stand to gain from the sport – both socially and emotionally.

So CLICK HERE for a list of the top 10 socio-emotional benefits of sailing.

The extract below is also from Singapore Sailing in their ABOUT US heading, who espouse the following:

Singaporeans taking to sailing as a national sport.
Sailing for recreation on home waters and across the seas,
Competing with the world’s best,
Winning for Singapore,
Taking their place alongside the sporting icons of the world.

To inspire Singaporeans with our Vision by:
Winning a medal for Singapore at the Olympics,
Continuing to win at the Olympics,
Raising our sailors’ world rankings,
Leading at the SEA Games and the Asian Games and other regattas,
Getting more Singaporeans, every student included, to go sailing,
Making Singapore a regional hub of competition and cruising,
Upholding high standards of sportsmanship and seamanship.


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